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"The Corn Is as High as a Guernsey's Eye"

Written by
Ruth Flippen

Directed by
William Asher

Airdate: Jan. 26, 1967

Aunt Clara is depressed by her waning magic. Larry tells Darrin to forget the Morton Milk account since the Whittle agency plans to display Ginger, the Morton's famous Guernsey cow, in the lobby of the office building. Samantha hopes to cheer up Aunt Clara at lunch with Darrin, while Louise minds Tabitha. Samantha goes off on an errand, leaving Aunt Clara in the lobby. Henerson, a policeman, forbids Culpepper, the delivery man, to bring Ginger into the building. While they go off to phone, Barney, the elevator boy, sees Aunt Clara talking to a potted plant and suggests talking to the cow. Aunt Clara falls asleep in a rocker in the display. Barney reports Aunt Clara's antics to Samantha, who thinks she changed herself into a cow. Samantha pops Ginger back to her living room and is disappointed when the cow won't answer. Louise sees Samantha talking to the cow and phones Larry. Larry thinks he has a chance to get the account now that Whittle has lost Ginger. Darrin finds Aunt Clara asleep and phones Samantha. In the next phone booth, Larry overhears that Samantha has the cow. Louise confirms Ginger's presence at the Stephens'. Darrin assures Samantha that Aunt Clara is in the lobby and asks her to return Ginger. Samantha makes the cow into a miniature and, popping it into her purse, returns it to normal size in the display. Later, Larry tells Darrin he landed the milk account by telling Morton the Stephens love cows. Soon, Morton's gift, six Guernsey's, arrives at the Stephens' home.

Guest cast: Don Penny as Barney, Howard Smith as C.L. Morton, Joseph Ferry as Mr. Henderson, Art Lewis as Mr. Culpepper, William Thegoe as Mr. Whittle.

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