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"Ho Ho the Clown"

Written by
Richard Baer

Directed by
William Asher

Airdate: Jan. 12, 1967
Originally Sponsored by Chevrolet

Darrin's client, the Solow Toy Company, sponsors Ho Ho the Clown on TV. Samantha and Endora take Tabitha to the studio to see the show. Ho Ho announces all the prizes in the Ho Ho Hope Chest will So to the holder of the lucky badge. Endora is outraged when Samantha tells her that Tabitha is ineligible because she is related to Darrin. Endora puts a hex on Ho Ho, who gives Tabitha all the prizes and tells the producer she must appear on the show with him. When Samantha refuses to allow Tabitha on the show, Larry threatens to fire Darrin. In the sponsor's booth, Mr. Solow is angry that Ho Ho has changed the format of the show and performing only for Tabitha. Learning that Tabitha is getting all the prizes, Solow demands to know who she is shot for her cousin, so she can win a refrigerator. Ho Ho brings Tabitha a Shetland pony, because he feels he's in her power. When Endora removes the spell, Ho Ho's attraction to Tabitha immediately disappears. Discovering that Darrin is Tabitha's father, Solow claims that Ho Ho and Darrin are plotting to drive him out of business and cancels the show. Larry fires Darrin. Samantha then produces a Tabitha doll and Solow is delighted when she tells him that Tabitha's appearance on TV was publicity for the new doll.

Guest cast: Joey Forman as Ho Ho, Dick Wilson as Mr. Solow, Charles J. Stewart as the producer.

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