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"Soapbox Derby"

Written by
James Henerson

Directed by
Alan Jay Factor

Airdate: Dec. 29, 1966

Samantha helps When Johnny's wheel wobbles, Samantha wiggles her nose and Gladys accuses her of helping him. Samantha learns that Johnny's father, a hardworking garage owner, is determined that nothing will stop his motherless son from going to medical school. Fearing his father's disapproval, Johnny has secretly built his racer and asks Samantha's help in getting his father to sign the entry blank. Samantha accomplishes this by magic, but he refuses to attend the race. At the track, Gladys and Darrin watch Samantha closely, to be sure she doesn't help Johnny. When Johnny, on his own, beats Flash, Gladys protests. Mr. Martin, an official, holds up presentation of the trophy until he can question Johnny's father. Samantha pops off and using magic again, gets Mr. Mills to the hearing. When Martin inquires whether Johnny built the racer himself, Mills listens with pride. Johnny explains he assembled the car himself after watching his father at work. When Johnny receives a scholarship after winning the finals, Samantha realizes his father needs not fear about Johnny's education. Darrin tells Samantha she's very good at making the dreams of both a man and a boy come true.

Guest cast: Michael Shea as Johnny, Peter Dunhill as Flash, William Bramley as Mills, George Andre as the announcer.

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