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"Sam's Spooky Chair"

Written by
Coslough Johnson
Directed by
R. Robert Rosenbaum

Airdate: Dec. 1, 1966

Shopping for antiques, Samantha is intrigued by an old chair which moves about to catch her attention. She buys the chair and goes home to prepare dinner for the Tates, Max Cosgrove, an agency client, and his domineering wife, Adelaide. Larry and Darrin hope to get Max to renew his contract during dinner but are continually foiled by Adelaide. The chair seems to take a dislike to Darrin and tries to kick him, but Adelaide insists on having it. Yielding to Darrin's pleas, Samantha sells the chair to Adelaide, who decides Max will sign the contract in the morning. During the night, the chair returns to the Stephens' home. Blaming Max for its disappearance, Adelaide again holds up the contract. When Max sees the chair he accepts Darrin's explanation that it is a copy but insists on having it for Adelaide. The chair immediately begins making life difficult for the Cosgroves. Every time Adelaide sits down, it throws her on the floor. When Max leans on it, the chair collapses. Angry with Max, Adelaide decides to go back to her mother. Then Endora reveals that the chair is Clyde Farnsworth, a warlock who transformed himself when Samantha rejected him. Samantha returns him to human form and makes him understand that he must forget her. Before returning to his new love - a lamp in the antique shop, Clyde makes a copy of the chair. Happy with her chair, Adelaide allows Max to sign the contract.

Guest cast: Anne Seymour as Adelaide Cosgrove, J. Pat O'Malley as Max Cosgrove, Roger Garrett as Clyde, Howard Morton as the salesman.

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