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"I'd Rather Twitch Than Fight"

Written by
James Henerson
Directed by
R. Robert Rosenbaum

Airdate: Nov. 17, 1966

Darrin is furious when Samantha gives his orange and green checked sportjacket, bought before he was married, to Goodwill. Larry and Louise have been seeing Dr. Kramer, a psychiatrist who specializes in teaching married couples how to fight. Larry tells Darrin that the jacket, a symbol of Darrin's carefree bachelor days, represents a threat to Samantha. Meanwhile, Louise lectures Samantha, emphasizing the importance of clothing and the gifts married couples exchange. Hoping to mend matters, Samantha uses magic and retrieves Darrin's jacket. Darrin, acting on Larry's opinion that sensible clothes imply happiness and security, buys Samantha a drab bathrobe. Darrin and Samantha each feel the gifts indicate a dissatisfaction with their marriage and the rift widens. Larry suggests they see Dr. Kramer. Although Endora is stunned when Samantha reveals she plans to consult a psychiatrist, she insists on the best and summons Dr. Freud himself. Dr. Freud has settled Samantha's problems to his own satisfaction when Dr. Kramer arrives. They start arguing who will handle the case and square off when Kramer accuses Freud of father fixation. As Samantha and Darrin try to separate them, Endora uses magic to send Freud back to the unconscious. Twitching her nose, Samantha produces a lush smoking jacket for Darrin and a sexy negligee for herself to celebrate their reconciliation.

Guest cast: Norman Fell as Dr. Freud, Parley Baer as Dr. Kramer, Bridget Hanley as the salesgirl, James Millhollin as the salesman, Burt Mustin as the old man, Riza Royce as the saleslady.

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