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"The Short Happy Circuit of Aunt Clara"

Written by
Lee Erwin

Directed by
William Asher

Originally Sponsored by Quaker Oats
Airdate: Nov. 10, 1966

The Stephens are invited to the Tate home to meet a client, Mr. MacElroy, who manufactures shores. Darrin agrees to let Aunt Clara babysit when Samantha tells him Aunt Clara is sad because she has lost her boy friend, Ocky, a warlock, to a younger witch. Trying to get Tabitha to sleep, Aunt Clara decides to bring the piano upstairs. She reduces it to toy size, but it grows as she carries it, and she get stuck on the stairs. Aunt Clara tries another spell and all the lights go out. Upset when Abner Kravitz reports the whole Eastern Seaboard is blacked out, Aunt Clara summons Ocky for help. He brings the Stephens' lights back on by raising his hands. Aunt Clara tells him to keep his hands up. Learning the lights are on at the Stephens',Larry insists they all go over there. Aunt Clara sees them coming and hides Ocky in a closet. A crew from the power company arrives to check. Gladys sneaks into the house and ducks into Ocky's closet. She screams and the lights go out as Ocky drops his hands. Aunt Clara realizes she must get rid of him. When Darrin opens the closet, a pair of shoes walks out. Gladys faints but MacElroy is delighted with the walking shoes, sure it is a gimmick Darrin has created for the advertising campaign. Darrin and Samantha decide not to disillusion Aunt Clara. They let her go on thinking she was responsible for the big blackout.

Guest cast: Reginald Owen as Ocky, Arte Julian as MacElroy, Leo DeLyon as Jenkins.

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