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"Dangerous Diaper Dan"

Written by
David Braverman
Bob Marcus
Directed by
William Asher

Airdate: Nov. 3, 1966

Diaper Dan, secretly working for the A.J. Kimberly Advertising agency, gives Samantha a baby rattle. Because the rattle is bugged, Dan is able to tape all the conversations at the Stephens' home. Samantha, proud of Darrin's creative ability, describes his ad campaigns to Endora. Dan tapes it on the recording equipment in his truck. Larry and Darrin are stunned when Mr. Wright, their new client, reveals that two of their ideas have already been presented by the Kimberly agency. They tear their office apart searching for a hidden mike. Samantha is angry when Darrin tells her she might be responsible for the leak. When Samantha and Darrin stop speaking to each other, Dan sends Samantha a bunch ofroses, and Darrin a necktie. They make up and discover that neither sent the other a gift. When Endora protests her innocence, Samantha phones the florist, and finds that Diaper Dan ordered the flowers. Checking further, Samantha discovers the rattle is bugged. She twitches her nose and Dan's truck begins to disintegrate. Dan blubbers as diapers fly all over the street. Samantha twitches her nose again, as Dan plays his latest tape for Kimberly, and a stream of baby talk comes out. The next morning, Darrin reports that Mr. Wright is very happy with the new campaign. Diaper Dan arrives and tells Samanlha that he's spending the next month in a rest home.

Guest cast: Marty Ingels as Dan, Don Keefer as Kimberley, Alex Gerry as Mr. Wright, Jim Begg as Peterson, Billy Beck as the bartender.

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