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"Twitch or Treat"

Written by
Robert Riley Crutcher
James Henerson
Directed by
William Asher

Airdate: Oct. 27, 1966

Darrin is incensed when Endora makes a house appear on a vacant lot near the Stephens' home for a Halloween party. Uncle Arthut, who is constantly bickering with his sister, arrives. When Samantha begs her mother to remove the house,Endora decides to hold her party in the Stephens' home and lavishly transforms the living room. That night, Boris approaches the house with Eva, ablack cat. Before entering, he turns the cat into a beautiful woman. Gladys Kravitz phones councilman Green and insists that he investigate the strange happenings. With champagne and food floating about the room, the party becomes a gala affair. Samantha has her problems stopping Eve from making a play for Darrin. Councilman Green and his campaign manager, Morgan, arrive. Darrin spots Willie Mays among the guests. Samantha assures him that Mays must be one of her group to achieve his home run record. Councilman Green and Morgan call off their investigation after Uncle Arthur has them walking through a non-existent house and falling into the shrubbery in the Stephens' backyard. Endora insists on reciting poetry. Trying to stop her, Uncle Arthur turns the place into a shambles and Endora vanishes, along with the party. Later Darrin admits it was the most unusual Halloween party he ever attended. He crosses his fingers while wishing Endora never returns. Samantha expresses her surprise that Darrin believes in such silly superstitions.

Guest cast: Jeff De Benning as Councilman Green, Joan Huntington as Eva, Willie Mays as himself, Barry Atwater as Boris, Jim Begg as Morgan.

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