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"A Most Unusual Wood Nymph"

Written by
Ed Jurist

Directed by
William Asher

Airdate: Oct. 13, 1966

Gerry O'Toole, a beautiful Irish girl who is a friend of Darrin's aunt, arrives for a visit and announces she plans to stay with the Stephens until she gets a job. Samantha is curious when Gerry announces she dislikes cats. She is startled when Gerry reweaves a hole in Darrin's sweater perfectly. Endora tells Samantha Gerry is a wood nymph - a mortal enemy of witches. Samantha forces Gerry to reveal she has come because Darrin's ancestor, Darrin the Bold, slew Rufus the Red in the 14th Century, and that henceforth all his descendants have been accursed. Samantha tells Endora she must return to the 14th Century and remove the curse by stopping Darrin the Bold from slaying Rufus the Red. Endora casts the spell and returns Samantha to 14th Century Killkamey. Samantha stops the fatal duel between Darrin and Rufus by convincing each of the opponents that the other is invincible. Back home, Samantha finds Gerry pursuing Darrin. Her anger vanishes when he hears Darrin declaring his love for his wife. Gerry refuses to believe that Samantha has removed the curse. Endora summons Rufus the Red, who takes Gerry home with him. Later, Samantha wonders how Darrin would look with his ancestors red hair and moustache. She twitches her nose and gets the desired effect. Deciding Darrin looks ridiculous, she twitches again and a puzzled Darrin returns to normal.

Guest cast: Kathleen Nolan as Gerry O'Toole, Michael Ansara as Rufus the Red, Henry Corden as Muldoon, Jean Blake as the maid.

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