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"Nobody's Perfect"

Written by
Doug Tibbles

Directed by
William Asher

Airdate: Sept. 15, 1966

Soon after Dr. Koblin reports that Tabitha is a perfectly normal baby, Samantha sees a toy pony floating in the air to Tabitha when she wiggles her fingers, and realizes that the baby has inherited her witchcraft. Endora is delighted, but Samantha worries how to break the news to Darrin. Larry brings Mark Robbins, a client, to the Stephens' home to discuss a new image for his product - truck transmissions. When Robbins sees Tabitha he decides she isjust the image he wants for his product. Darrin agrees to have Tabitha pose for Diego Fenman, a leading baby photographer. After staying awake all night rehearsing a speech to break the news about Tabitha's witchcraft to Darrin, Samantha falls asleep. Darrin takes Tabitha to Diego's studio, where Diego insists on being alone with Tabitha while he photographs her. As toys float through the air whenever the baby twitches her nose, Diego thinks he is going mad. Tate and Robbins are impressed with the pictures in which objects are suspended without the use of wires. Darrin voices the hope that Tabitha will grow up just like her mother. Samantha, who still hasn't found the courage to inform Darrin about Tabitha, tells him he is sure to get his wish.

Guest cast: David Lewis as Mark Robbins, Robert Q. Lewis as Diego Fenman, Lindsay Workman as Dr. Koblin.

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