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Fred Freeman,
Lawrence J. Cohen
Directed by
Howard Morris

Airdate: June 9, 1966

The Stephens are invited to the Kravitz home to meet Louis Gruber, Gladys' brother. Twenty-six years before, at the age of eight, when Louis made his debut as a violinist at Carnegie Hall, his knickers fell down. Since then, Louis has shunned playing in public. Abner claims he is just a moocher. When Louis suddenly begins to play, Samantha and Darrin realize he is a brilliant musician. Samantha arranges for him to play at a hospital benefit. Louis faints when he hears what Samantha has done. Samantha uses all her magic to keep Louis going. When he deliberately drops the window on his hands, he is amazed to find he is not injured. He succeeds in destroying his violin but Samantha twitches, and produces a Suadivarius. Then Samantha thwarts all of Louis' attempts to leave town. Unaware that Samantha's magic is responsible, Louis performs beautifully at the benefit and is signed up for TV. Later, as the Stephens and the Kravitzes watch, Louise once more loses his pants, this time before a coast to coast audience.

Guest cast: Jack Weston as Louis, Lennie Bremen as the cab driver.

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