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"What Every Young Man Should Know"

Written by
Paul David,
John L. Greene
Directed by
Jerry Davis

Airdate: May 26, 1966

Samantha and Darrin feel he might not have married her if he knew she was a witch. With Samantha's permission, Endora sends husband and wife back into the past. Darrin at first runs away when Samantha proves she is a witch. When Darrin persuades her she hasn't seen the true picture, Samantha makes Endora continue the experiment. Learning that Samantha's powers could make his company the most successful in the country, Larry is all in favor of the marriage. Samantha believes Darrin plans to marry her to further his career. Holding Endora responsible for the problems created by the test, Darrin insists Samantha must give up witchcraft when she becomes his wife Endora tries to make Darrin disappear, but he convinces Samantha that witch or no witch, he has always loved her. Samantha is happy because Endora proved Darrin's love. Darrin asks Samantha to return to the past to reveal what his life would have been like if he had married the girl he proposed to in the third grade.

Guest cast: None.

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