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"The Catnapper"

Written by
Howard Leeds
Directed by
R. Robert Rosenbaum

Airdate: May 19, 1966

Samantha derides Endora's statement that Darrin gives evidence of interest in another woman. Meanwhile, Charlie Leach, an unscrupulous private eye, discovers Endora and Samantha are both witches. He tells Charmaine, his wife, that he is going to cash in on his find. Samantha and Endora see Darrin with Toni Devlin, an attractive client. Samantha insists it is a business lunch. However, when Toni comes to the Stephens' home to discuss some ad changes with Darrin, Endora turns her into a cat. Leach steals the cat and tells Samantha he will return it if Samantha produces a million dollars for him. Samantha gives Leach a money tree. After pocketing the bills growing on its branches, Leach takes the tree home to prove Samantha's claim that it will bloom every twenty-four hours. After Charlie gets home, Samantha turns him into a mouse. When the cat starts chasing him, Charlie calls Samantha for help and agrees to return the cat. Samantha, after a worldwide search, locates Endora in Tibet. Endora turns Toni back to normal in time for an important meeting at Darrin's office. Leach finds the tree doesn't grow money and that the bills in his wallet have turned into leaves. He vows to get even with Samantha.

Guest cast: Marion Thompson as Toni, Robert Strauss as Charlie Leach, Virginia Martin as Charmaine Leach.

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