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"Man's Best Friend"

Written by
Bernard Slade

Directed by
Jerry Davis

Airdate: May 12, 1966
Originally Sponsored by Chevrolet.

Darrin plans a celebration because Samantha hasn't used witchcraft for almost a month. Then Rodney, a neurotic warlock, appears. Expressing his love for Samantha, he demands that she run away with him. Samantha, after trying unsuccessfully to convince Rodney that she loves Darrin, forces him to leave. Darrin arrives home with a shaggy brown dog. Samantha discovers the dog is really Rodney. Samantha's statement that her marriage is based on mutual trust inspires Rodney with a plan to break up the Stephens' marriage. When Harriet Kravitz comes to the Stephens' house, Rodney makes her believe that he is a close friend of Samantha's, who is entertaining him while Darrin is away. Harriet tells Darrin of the incident. Samantha, completely in the dark, tells Darrin it never happened. Darrin becomes angry when Samantha tells him the dog is the cause of their problems. However, believing Samantha, Darrin traps Rodney when he assumes his normal form. Rodney's mother comes and takes her son home. Darrin and Samantha begin their delayed celebration. Darrin gasps after a heavy swig of liquor. Using witchcraft Samantha produces a glass of water. Darrin declares she has broken her promise. Shrugging, Samantha tells Darrin there is always next month.

Guest cast: Richard Dreyfuss [CIose Encounters of the Third Kind] as Rodney, Barbara Morrison as Rodney's mother, Mary Grace Canfield as Harriet.

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