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"Divided He Falls"

Written by
Paul Wayne
Directed by
R. Robert Rosenbaum

Airdate: May 5, 1966

The Stephens' long deferred vacation is postponed once more when Larry pleads with Darrin to work on an important campaign for the Stern Chemical Company. Always critical of her son-in-law, Endora splits Darrin into identical twins: #l, hardworking Darrin, and #2, the epitome of his fun-loving side. Endora then convinces Samantha that at least one half of Darrin deserves a vacation. Telling Darrin #1 she is going on vacation with her mother, Samantha leaves for Miami with Darrin #2. At the office, Darrin #1 staggers Larry and company president Sanford Stern with his capacity for hard concentrated work. Meanwhile in Miami, Darrin #2 worries Samantha with his overwhelming exuberance and irresponsibility. Samantha tells Endora she wants the man she married back. Samantha, Endora and Darrin #2 return home where problems arise when the two Darrins confront each other. Samantha finally unites the two sides of Darrin again. Darrin decides that Samantha, Tabitha, his workaday self and his fun-loving self should spend their vacation at home.

Guest cast: Frank Maxwell as Sanford Stern, Joy Harmon as Francie, Jerry Cauon as Joe, Susan Barrett as the girl.

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