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"A Bum Raps"

Written by
Herman Groves

Directed by
Jerry Davis

Airdate: April 28, 1966

Leaving for the office, Darrin reminds Samantha that his eccentric Uncle Albert is arriving that day. Meanwhile, Horace and William, two vaudevillians turned con artists, are prowling the neighborhood. Horace comes to the Stephens' door and Samantha welcomes him as Uncle Albert. When the real Uncle Albert arrives, Horace tells him the Stephens have moved. Touched by Samantha's kindness, Horace tells William he doesn't want to go through with their plan to rob the house. Later, Horace pockets Harriet Kravitz' watch. He is seen by Samantha, who uses magic to return the watch to Harriet. Samantha is shocked when she finds a picture of Uncle Albert, and realizes Horace is an impostor. However, when Darrin comes home, she persuades him to accept Horace as his uncle for that night. Later William and Horace pile the Stephens' household goods on a truck. The Stephens come downstairs to find their living room bare. Then Horace decides to comeback, especially when he finds evidence that the Stephens knew he wasn't Uncle Albert. Samantha uses magic to make William return the stolen articles. Moved by Horace's confessions, Samantha persuades the two vaudevillians to return to show business.

Guest cast: Cliff Hall as Horace, Herbie Faye as William, Henry Hunter as Uncle Albert, Ann Prentiss as the secretary.

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