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"Follow That Witch" (Part Two)

Written by
Bernard Slade

Directed by
William Asher

Airdate: April 21, 1966

George Barkley, assistant to the president of the Robbins Baby Food Company, has hired Charlie Leach to check on Samantha. Discovering Samantha is a witch, Leach threatens to expose her unless she makes him a rich man. Learning that Leach's report can cost Darrin the account, Samantha produces a new car for Leach and transforms his sleazy apartment into a luxurious home. Darrin is furious when he learns what Leach has been up to. He decides to tell Robbins and Barkley his company doesn't want their account. He goes to the meeting with Samantha. There Samantha twitches her nose and forces Barkley to admit he wants to take over his boss' job. Robbins fires him and signs a contract with Darrin. Darrin gives Samantha permission to use her witchcraft to teach Leach a lesson. Making herself invisible, Samantha goes to Leach's apartment. A series of Samantha's twitches turns the place into a shambles, and Leach's automobile into a kiddie car. Later, Leach tries to blackmail Samantha again. She turns him into a bullfighter, facing an enraged bull. He manages to escape, but vows to visit Samantha again if he ever gets home from Mexico.

Guest cast: Robert Strauss as Charlie Leach, Virginia Martin as Charmaine Leach, Steve Granken as George Barkley, Mary Grace Canfield as Haniet, Jack Collins as Robbins, Judy Pace as Miss Perkins (the secretary), Jill Foster as Betty, Renie Riano as Mrs. Granite.

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