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"Follow That Witch" (Part One)

Written by
Bernard Slade

Directed by
William Asher

Airdate: April 14, 1966

Harriet, Abner's sister, is keeping house for him while Gladys is away. She finds that Gladys' stories of Samantha's unusual activities are true. Meanwhile, Darrin is winding up a deal to handle advertising for the Robbins Baby Food company. Mr. Robbins, the president, agrees with his assistant, George Barkley, that the final decision should be deferred. Believing that anyone working on their account should be completely wholesome, Barkley, on his own, has hired Charlie Leach, a private detective, to shadow Darrin. On a report that Darrin has an exemplary character, Barkley orders Leach to investigate Samantha. Leach is dubious of Harriet's report on Samantha. When he investigates further, a series of wild events occur as Samantha parries his snooping. Charlie finally finds himself on a ledge forty stories up. After Leach's implausible story, Barkley fires him. Charmaine, Leach's wife, has long complained of their meager existence. Hearing about Samantha, she suggests that Charlie get Samantha to provide them with the luxuries they have been missing. Leach then tells Samantha that unless she makes him wealthy - he will expose her as a witch.

Guest cast: Robert Strauss as Charlie Leach, Virginia Martin as Charmaine Leach, Steve Granken as George Barkley, Mary Grace Canfield as Harriet, Jack Collins as Robbins, Judy Pace as Miss Perkins, the secretary.

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