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"Disappearing Samantha"

Paul David,
John L. Greene
Directed by
William Asher

Airdate: April 7, 1966

Darrin is assigned to publicize Osgood Rightmire, who makes a career of debunking witchcraft. The Stephens attend a lecture given by Osgood with Louise and Larry. When Rightmire dramatically offers himself as a target for any witch, Samantha twitches her nose. Rightmire trips, setting off a series of mishaps. Rightmire pronounces an incantation which he asserts would cause any witch to disappear, if there were such things. From then on, Samantha keeps popping in and out involuntarily. When Endora is called in for help, she tells Darrin he must get the original spell. Meanwhile, Osgood is dating Beverly Wilson, a beautiful blonde. Endora puts a hex on Rightmire's car, forcing it to come to the Stephens' house. There Endora and Samantha try frantically to get Osgood to repeat the spell. Then Endora discovers that Osgood's power comes from his ancient ring. Endora manages to get it away from him. Samantha twitches her nose, producing a duplicate ring, which she gives to Osgood. With the original ring, Endora and Samantha overcome Osgood's spell.

Guest cast: Bernard Fox as Osgood Rightmire, Nina Wayne as Beverly, Foster Brooks as Robert Andrews.

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