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"Double Split"

Written by
Howard Leeds

Directed by
Jerry Davis

Airdate: March 24, 1966

Darrin asks Samantha to play up to the daughter of J. Kabaker, an important client. Samantha tries to be nice but the girl is a nasty snob. Unable to take any more, Samantha twitches her nose and a canape hits the girl in the face. At home, the Stephens get into an argument about the incident. However, at the office the next day, when Larry criticizes Samantha, Darrin quits his job. He tells Samantha he has another job lined up at Ames Advertising. Samantha and Louise decide to bring Larry and Darrin together again, and feel the best way to do this is to give them a common enemy. Samantha makes sure Darrin doesn't get the other job. Then, following Samantha's plan, both wives start arguments with their husbands. Darrin and Larry head for their club, where Samantha arranges for them to share the same room. Both men confess they have acted foolishly and go home. Samantha admits she used magic to bring about the happy reunion but Darrin tells her he couldn't care less.

Guest cast: Martin Asher as Kabaker, Julie Gregg as Kabaker's daughter, Dan Tobin as Ames, Ivan Bonar as the desk clerk

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