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"The Leprechaun"

Written by
Paul David,
John L. Greene
Directed by
William Asher

Airdate: March 17, 1966

Darrin reacts violently when he finds Brian O'Brian, a sprightly leprechaun, a guest in his home. Samantha tells him that Brian is not her relative but the leprechaun of Darrin's family. Brian reveals he has come to recover his pot of gold which was hidden in a fireplace brought to America by James Dennis Robinson. Darrin finds that Robinson owns a company whose account would be a great asset to Darrin's agency. Brian breaks into Robinson's house to retrieve the gold and is arrested. Darrin allows Samantha to use her magic to get Brian out of jail. Brian pleads with Samantha to help him recover his pot of gold which will restore his lost powers. Pledging Brian never to tell Darrin, Samantha returns with him to the Robinson's house. Robinson finds them in his study and reveals he has already removed the pot from the fireplace. Samantha is surprised when Robinson tells her he believes the leprechaun's story because his grandfather was a Mahoney, and returns Brian's pot of gold. Brian agrees to allow Robinson to use his picture as a trade mark if Robinson turns his advertising over to Darrin.

Guest cast: Henry Jones as Brian O'Brian, Parley Baer as Robinson, Jeff Kirkpatrick as Officer Fogerty.

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