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"Baby's First Paragraph"

Written by
James Henerson

Directed by
William Asher

Airdate: March 10, 1966

Samantha has a lunch date with Darrin and an important client. She can't get a baby sitter and knows Darrin doesn't want Endora to be alone with Tabitha. Endora, promising not to use any magic, insists on staying with Tabitha, and Samantha leaves. Gladys Kravitz comes over with her nephew Edgar, a baby about Tabitha's age. Annoyed by Gladys' bragging how smart Edgar is, Endora uses magic to make Tabitha talk. Later Endora leaves the house after an argument with Darrin about the incident. Meanwhile, Gladys spreads the story and reporters come to the house to interview Tabitha. Tabitha, the talking infant becomes world famous. Samantha calls on her mother for help. Endora poses as a ventriloquist whose specialty is baby voices. Before the assembled reporters, Gladys insists that Tabitha did talk. To prove her powers, Endora makes Gladys speak in a baby voice. The newsmen agree to print retractions of the original story. Although Darrin refuses to make up with Endora, he changes his mind when he finds himself talking like a baby.

Guest cast: Clete Roberts, John Newton as the first reporter, Don Hammer as the second reporter, Robert De Coy as the postman.

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