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"The Horse's Mouth"

Paul David,
John L. Greene
Directed by
William Asher

Airdate: March 3, 1966
Originally Sponsored by Quaker Oats

A horse named Dalleyrand escapes from the horse trailer of Jack Spindler in front of the Stephens' home. Unable to talk to the horse, Samantha turns her into a woman named Dolly. Dolly tells Samantha she was forced to seta fastpace and tire the horses out so her sister, Adorable Diane, can win. Samantha invites Dolly to rest up at the Stephens' home. Darrin arrives with Gus Waiters, who needs money to market a new invention. Dolly suggests they go to the track where she can make money for him by picking winners. Samantha shocks Darrin when she tells him Gus can't lose because Dolly really is a racehorse. Meanwhile, Dolly reveals that her ambition is to win one race herself. At the track, Gus wins on one of Dolly's tips and loses on another. Then Dolly, still an attractive woman, learns from her trainer that Adorable Diane has been scratched. Samantha returns Dolly back to her former state. Although Gus hasn't won a race in years, they persuade him to put his money on the horse. Coming from behind, Dalleyrand wins the race and Gus gets the money for his invention.

Guest cast: Patty Regan as Dolly, Sid Clute as Jack, Robert Sorrells as Gus Waiters.

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