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"Double Tate"

Written by
Paul Wayne

Directed by
William Asher

Airdate: Feb. 17, 1966

For his birthday, Endora decides to make three of Darrin's wishes come true. Unaware of the gift, Darrin gets immediate elevator service in his office building and then sees a bikini-clad beauty. An important client, Randolph Turgeon, insists on seeing Larry Tate, who is in Chicago. Wishing he were Larry for just one day, Darrin immediately turns into his boss. Turgeon introduces Darrin- Larry to his niece, Joyce, who wants a job with the agency. Louise Tate, who thinks her husband is with another woman, slaps her face, and makes him come home. Darrin phones Samantha for help. She arrives immediately, but is unable to remove the spell. Just as Samantha is telling Darrin-Larry the spell will be over in fifteen minutes, Larry himself walks in. Hoping to keep the confusion from getting worse, Samantha puts Louise to sleep, and tells Larry his wife has been sleepwalking. Safe at home, Samantha tells Darrin Louise will feel she dreamed the whole episode. She asks Darrin what his first two wishes were. He mentions the elevator but decides to forget the girl in the bikini.

Guest cast: Irwin Charone as Turgeon, Jill Foster as the secretary, Kathee Francis as Joyce.

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