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"Fastest Gun on Madison Avenue"

Written by
Lee Erwin

Directed by
William Asher

Airdate: Feb. 3, 1966

Joe Kovack makes a play for Samantha in a restaurant. Darrin rushes to her defense. Realizing Darrin faces certain slaughter Samantha twitches her nose, and Joe falls unconscious to the floor. Since Joe is the Number One contender for the heavyweight title, newspapers hail Darrin as a coming champ. Darrin pleads with Samantha to let him fight his own battles. Then Joe and his manager, trying to regain a crack at a lucrative championship bout, approach Darrin with a plan for a make-believe bout in which Joe pretends to knock Darrin out. Again, Darrin (with the uncalled-on help of Samantha) K.O.'s Joe. Finally, Darrin runs into Tommy Carter, the champ himself. An unplanned for scuffle takes place. Tommy trips and knocks himself out. Later, Larry tells Darrin he has solved the problem by hiring Tommy. Tommy's first assignment is to fight a four-round bout for charity. Darrin quakes at learning that Tommy is to choose his opponent. However he sadly concludes that with Samantha insisting on being his second, he can't help winning again.

Guest cast: Herbie Faye as Kovack's manager, Roger Torrey as Joe Kovack, Dick Wilson as the drunk, John Rockwell as the elevator operator, Sid Cane as the waiter, Rockne Tarkington as Tommy Carter, Herb Vigran as Sam the bartender.

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