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"The Magic Cabin"

Written by
Paul Wayne

Directed by
William Asher

Airdate: Dec. 30, 1965

When Darrin bogs down while creating a new ad campaign, Larry persuades the Stephens to stay at his woodland cabin. Larry hasn't seen the place for a few years and has put it up for sale. The cabin proves to be a shack. Darrin refuses to allow Samantha to use magic to make it habitable but changes his mind when a storm breaks out. Samantha gives the interior a luxurious transformation. Meanwhile, Charles and Alice McBain see Larry's ad. Apprehensively, Larry sends them to inspect the cabin. Arriving while the Stephens are out, the McBains are elated by Samantha's handiwork. Charles phones Larry to purchase the cabin. Darrin and Samantha are upset by their predicament. Larry, bewildered by the McBain's offer, drives up to the cabin. Samantha immediately switches the interior back to its original state. However, when the McBains enter, Samantha produces a beautiful sight for their view, while Larry, behind them, sees only the dilapidated interior. Larry is puzzled when the McBains insist on buying the cabin. Driving home, the Stephens express satisfaction that the McBains own the cabin, which is so much a product of Samantha's witchcraft. When their car breaks down, Darrin allows Samantha just a little witchcraft to get it going again.

Guest cast: Peter Duryea as Charles McBain, Beryl Hammond as Alice McBain, Sharon DeBord as the secretary.

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