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"A Strange Little Visitor"

John L. Greene,
Paul Davis
Directed by
E.W. Swackhamer

Airdate: Dec. 2, 1965

Walter and Margaret Brocken ask Samantha to keep their son Merle, a ten year old warlock, while they attend a witches' convention. When Merle agrees not to do any magic in front of Darrin, Samantha invites him to stay. Meanwhile, Larry asks Darrin to keep an expensive necklace, a birthday present for his wife, at the Stephens' home. Darrin goes to Merle's room, where the young warlock has turned a hairbrush into a model fire engine, which flashes with electric shocks when Darrin touches it. Darrin shouts with pain until Merle turns off the current. Samantha is now forced to disclose that Merle is a warlock. Merle again promises Samantha to refrain from magic in the house. That night a burglar who had seen Larry giving Darrin the necklace breaks in and overpowers Darrin. Darrin calls on Merle for a magical assist, but Merle stands by his promise. When the burglar finds the necklace, Darrin cons him into taking the fire engine too. As he reaches for it, Merle turns on his magic. Later, Gladys is more bewildered than ever as she hears the burglar explaining to the police how he was captured by a toy fire engine.

Guest cast: James Doohan (Star Trek) as Walter Brocken, Craig Hundley as Merle Brocken, Anne Sargent as Margaret Brocken, Tim Herbert as the man in the bar, Dick Balduzzi as the policeman.

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