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"And Then I Wrote"

Written by
Paul Wayne

Directed by
E.W. Swackhamer

Airdate: Nov. 11, 1965

Dr. Passmore, psychiatrist at a rest home, tells Samantha his patients would like to do something to mark the Centennial of the End of the War between the States. Samantha tells him Darrin will publicize the affair. Annoyed, Darrin tells Passmore Samantha will write a script for the pageant. Darrin criticizes Samantha's wooden characters. Taking Endora's advice, Samantha uses magic to bring her characters to life so she can describe them. Soon Confederate Capt. Corcoran, Violet, a beautiful Yankee, and an Indian, added for a neutral touch, are wandering around the Stephens' home. Seeing them, Gladys Kravitz flips. When Darrin arrives, the characters refuse to leave. However, they vanish when Darrin kisses Samantha. Gladys tells her story to Passmore. He prescribes for her, but seeing the characters himself, decides he needs a vacation. When Samantha's writing comes to a halt, Corcoran, Violet and the Indian finish the script themselves and leave. After the pageant, Samantha is asked to create a vaudeville revue for the rest home. Two song and dance men appear. Gladys sees them and runs screaming into the night. Samantha tells Darrin she'll need lots of love to keep the hoofers away.

Guest cast: Chet Stratton as Capt. Corcoran, Tom Nardini as the Indian, Clan Soule as Dr. Passmore, Eileen O'Neill as Violet, Joanie Larson as the nurse, Bill Dungan as the first vaudeville performer, Skeets Minton as the second vaudeville performer.

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