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"The Very Informal Dress"

Paul David,
John L. Greene
Directed by
William Asher

Airdate: Nov. 4, 1965

Larry invites Samantha and Darrin to a buffet for prospective client Charles Barlow. When they complain about the condition of their clothes, Aunt Clara uses magic to produce a dress for Samantha and a new suit for Darrin. Darrin invites her along to the affair. Aunt Clara removes a fire hydrant so Darrin can park. At the party, Samantha's dress begins to vanish and Aunt Clara's other magical efforts begin to disintegrate. Agreeing to drop Barlow at his hotel, Darrin finds the hydrant has returned to its place beside the car. As a policeman approaches, Darrin's outer garments disappear. Aunt Clara's efforts to help result in chaos, with Barlow, Darrin and the policeman dressed in each other's clothing. Barlow leaves, vowing Darrin will never get his account, and still in his underwear, Darrin is jailed with Montague, an alcoholic. After Aunt Clara's attempts to clothe Darrin fail, Samantha goes to his cell with a suit of clothes. When Judge Crosetti hears Montague's mad account of a change of clothing in the cell, he releases Darrin. Larry Tate, having heard Barlow's equally wild story, decides his company is not interested in handling his account.

Guest cast: Max Showaltzer as Charles Barlow, Hardie Albright as Judge Crosetti, Dick Wilson as Montague, Dick Balduzzi as the first policeman, Gene Darfler as the second policeman.

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