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"Trick or Treat"

Written by
Fred Freeman

Directed by
E. W. Swackhamer

Airdate: Oct. 28, 1965

Despite Endora's demand that Samantha accompany her to a witches' celebration of Halloween, Darrin insists that his wife remain at home to entertain Louise and Larry Tate, Jack Rogers, a client, and his wife Phyllis. Disguising herself as a child in gypsy costume, Endora heres Darrin with a spell which will gradually turn him into a werewolf. When Samantha demands that her mother remove the spell, Endora tells her she can't remember the words. After the guests arrive, Darrin is forced to go out of the room from time to time to shave off the werewolf hair which is beginning to grow all over him. Finally, when dinner arrives, Darrin starts snarling and jumps through an open window. Larry and Jack, sure that Darrin is in werewolf costume, bring him back into the house. Darrin, fearful of what he might do, gets Samantha to lock him in the hall closet. Endora reappears in a high fashion evening gown. When Samantha tells her she is behaving exactly like the stereotype of a witch she hates so much, Endora returns Darrin to his normal self. Later, Jack, certain that Endora is also garbed for Halloween, compliments her on her bizarre outfit. Endora gestures, and a lion's tail appears on Jack. Endora tells Darrin Jack won't notice it until he tries to remove his trousers.

Guest cast: Jack Collins as Jack Rogers, Barbara Drew as Mrs. Rogers, Maureen McCormick as Endora (as a girl), David Bailey as the boy magician, Skip Tourgeson as the delivery boy.

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