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"The Joker Is a Card"

Written by
Ron Friedman

Directed by
E.W. Swackhamer

Airdate: Oct. 14, 1965

Samantha arranges a meeting between Darrin and her mother which she hopes will settle their differences. A series of minor accidents sets Darrin and Endora accusing each other of being practical jokers. Realizing someone else is responsible, Samantha uncovers a serving dish and reveals her Uncle Arthur, who dotes on practical jokes. Infuriated by Darrin's uproarious appreciation of Uncle Arthur, Endora plants a Beatles hairdo on Darrin. Darrin refuses Uncle Arthur's offer to teach him some magic so he can stand up to Endora, until he is knocked out by an accident in the office. Certain Endora is at work, Darrin accepts Uncle Arthur's offer. Following Uncle Arthur's weird instructions, Darrin realizes he has been the victim of another of Uncle Arthur's pranks. Samantha enlists Endora and Darrin in a plan to cure Uncle Arthur. Arthur is incredulous when Darrin says he can turn Endora into a parrot. When Endora becomes a parrot (through her own witchcraft) Arthur pleads with Darrin to remove the spell. Endora then returns to normal and demands that Arthur stop his practical jokes, which Uncle Arthur accepts. Before leaving, Uncle Arthur gives Endora a pair of opera glasses. When she lowers them she has two black eyes.

Guest cast: Douglas Evans as Mr. Foster.

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