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"We're in for a Bad Spell"

Written by
Bernard Slade

Directed by
Howard Morris

Airdate: Sept. 30, 1965

When strange things begin happening to Adam Newlarkin, a friend of Darrin's, Aunt Clara tells Samantha he has inherited the spell placed by a witch on his ancestor who was a judge in Salem two hundred years before. Aunt Clara adds that unless Adam follows the antidote for the spell strictly, he will be branded a thief. The Stephens learn that Adam has been hired by a local bank. Samantha and Darrin manage to get Adam to kiss a dog, the first step. With Aunt Clara's help, Darrin dunks Adam in a pool three times. They have trouble persuading him to ride through town shouting praise of witches, which is the final step. However, finding his briefcase stuffed with money, Adam, a true native of Salem, believes he is under a spell. He mounts and horse and starts riding. Bank manager Abercrombie and a detective, having discovered the loss of seventy five thousand dollars, come to the Stephens' home. Aunt Clara makes the money disappear from the briefcase. Abercrombie apologizes to Adam after learning that a bank employee has been taken into custody with the stolen cash. Guest cast: William Redfield as Adam Newlarkin, William Tregoe as Mr. Peterson, Bartlett Robinson as Mr. Abercrombie, Richard X. Slattery as the detective, Arthur Peterson as Albert Harding.

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