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"A Very Special Delivery"

Written by
Howard Leeds

Directed by
William Asher

Airdate: Sept. 23, 1965

Learning that he is about to become a father, Darrin waits on Samantha hand and foot. Then Larry convinces him that all women would make a career out of having a baby if you allowed them to. He gives Darrin a book on the subject which states that the more active the mother, the happier she will be, and the healthier the child. Darrin returns home completely convinced. Endora is infuriated when she hears Darrin ordering Samantha to do chores around the house. The following day, Darrin wakes up with a backache. At an office lunch, he fights for extra pickles. When Samantha learns of this, she faces up to her mother. Endora admits she has cast a spell over Darrin, but will do nothing to change the situation for the present. Darrin, discussing his plight at a bar, becomes obsessed with the idea that he is going to have a baby himself. Finally, Endora removes the spell and Darrin becomes completely attentive to Samantha once more. She agrees with Darrin's assertion that he is one man in a million who knows just how she feels.

Guest cast: Richard Vath as Phil, Henry Hunter as the doctor, John Graham as Martin, Gene Blakely as Dave, Dort Clark as the man in the bar.

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