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"Alias Darrin Stephens"

Written by
Richard Baer

Directed by
William Asher

Airdate: Sept. 16, 1965

Samantha's Aunt Clara arrives on the Stephens' first anniversary with presents for Samantha and Darrin. Casting a spell to adjust a checkered cap she has given Darrin, Aunt Clara uses the wrong words and turns Darrin into a chimpanzee. Unable to remember how to remove the spell, Aunt Clara goes home to look for the formula. When Samantha leaves the house, Endora stays with Darrin. Darrin leaps out of a window and runs into Gladys Kravitz. She takes the chimp back to her house. Soon after Aunt Clara comes with her book of magic, Samantha returns. Samantha tells Aunt Clara she must find Darrin since her doctor has told her she is going to have a baby. Meanwhile, Gladys and Abner have turned Darrin over to the zoo, where he is caged with three other chimps. Samantha goes to the zoo. Then Aunt Clara arrives and turns Darrin back to his former self. Samantha is finally able to tell him he is to be a father. Later, Gladys begins telling the Stephens about the chimpanzee. Suddenly realizing that Darrin is wearing the same outfit as the chimp, Gladys streaks back to her own house.

Guest cast: None.

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