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"Cousin Edgar"

Written by
Paul Wayne

Directed by
E. W. Swackhamer

Airdate: June 3, 1965

Almost as determined as Endora to break up Samantha's marriage to a mere mortal, Samantha's cousin Edgar, an elf, begins playing pranks on Darrin. Darrin's agency has been trying to hold on to the Shelley Shoe account. Edgar, invisible to all, plagues Darrin in his office. Darrin is sure Endora is working on him again, and has difficulty persuading Larry to let him present the new campaign to Mr. Shelley. At the sales meeting, Fred Schulwiler, an unscrupulous competitor, almost gets the account when he makes it appear that Darrin is trying to make Mr. Shelly look ridiculous. When Samantha convinces Edgar that she is very happy with Darrin, he switches his attentions to Schulwiler. Before Edgar is through, Schulwiler has lost all chance of landing the Shelly account. Darrin, coming up with an advertising campaign featuring an elf not unlike Edgar, ties up the account for his firm.

Guest cast: Arte Johnson as Edgar, Charles Irving as Shelley, Roy Stuart as Fred Froug.

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