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"Remember the Main"

Written by
Mort R. Lewis

Directed by
William D. Russell

Airdate: May 20, 1965

Darrin finds Samantha addressing a group of neighbors, including Abner and Gladys Kravitz, on behalf of Ed Wright's candidacy for councilman. Listening to Wright denouncing the incumbent, John C. Cavanaugh, for dipping into city funds, Darrin takes up Wright's case. At Darrin's suggestion Wright challenges Cavanaugh to a television debate on all issues, particularly the new drainage project. Before the debate, the government orders an investigation of the project. However, during the debate, Mr.Sedgwick, of the governor's staff, praises the project. While Darrin berates Samantha for dragging him into politics, a water main bursts. Although Wright's victory is assured, Darrin holds Samantha responsible for the flood. However, Endora tells Darrin she caused the flood to stop Darrin from blaming Samantha for involving him in politics. When Darrin says he'd give anything to have Cavanaugh in the palm of his hand, Endora obliges him.

Guest cast: Edward Mallory as Ed Wright, Stuart Nesbit as Charles Turner, Byron Merrow as John C. Cavanaugh, Justin Smith as Merrill Sedgwick.

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