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"Illegal Separation"

Written by
Richard Baer

Directed by
William Asher

Airdate: May 6, 1965

After an argument, Gladys Kravitz locks her husband out of their home. The Stephens invite Abner to spend the night at their place. Later, when it appears that Abner, using all his privileges as a guest, is more than satisfied with the arrangements and is making no effort to return to his own home, Darrin demands that Samantha take action. Not only is Samantha unsuccessful in all her attempts to effect a reconciliation, but she learns that Gladys wants a divorce. When all else fails, Samantha gets the idea of using sleep therapy to reunite the Kravitzes. Feeling that one of the happiest days in life is the day a man proposes marriage, and a woman accepts him, Samantha projects Gladys and Abner in their dreams back to the day. Then she awakens them and each begins looking for the other. Later, as Samantha and Darrin look forward to spending an evening at home alone, the Kravitzes arrive to celebrate their reunion.

Guest cast: Dick Balduzzi as the salesman.

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