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"That Was My Wife"

Written by
Bernard Slade

Directed by
William Asher

Airdate: April 29, 1965

To keep from getting in a rut, the Stephens reserve a suite at the President Hotel for a night. Samantha arrives at the hotel wearing a wig. Larry sees Darrin embracing a beautiful brunette in the lobby. Using her own unique form of travel, Samantha leaves the hotel and returns home to pick up a book for Darrin. Larry sees her there and goes to the hotel. When Darrin tries to convince Larry that Samantha is the "other woman" in the next room, Larry announces he saw Samantha at home. Later, when Louise Tate points to Darrin as an exemplary husband, Larry tells her what he saw at the hotel. Louise gets so involved trying to mend the rift in the Stephens' home that Larry comes to believe she was the woman in the hotel with Darrin. Larry bops Darrin in the eye before the matter is fully resolved. However, Darrin's explanation that Samantha made the trip between home and the hotel in such a short time because she knows a short cut, leaves Larry wavering between belief and perplexity.

Guest cast: Warrene Ott as Ellen.

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