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"George the Warlock"

Written by
Ken Englund

Directed by
William Asher

Airdate: April 22, 1965

Darrin lends a helping hand to D.D. (Danger) O'Riley, a beautiful nineteen year old neighbor. As Darrin spends more and more time with D.D., Samantha turns to solitaire. Endora sees a chance to breakup the Stephens' marriage. She takes George, a warlock, from his harem and persuades him to romance Samantha. Learning George's purpose, Samantha declares she is perfectly happily married to Darrin. Undaunted, George, in the form of a raven, flies to Darrin's office, where Darrin and Larry are working on a campaign for an electric typewriter. George flies into the room and begins to type on the new machine. Darrin and Larry feel the raven is the perfect image for a series of T.V. commercials. When Samantha tells Darrin who George really is, George materializes into human form and gets mixed up for a while with D.D. Endora is miffed. When realizing that his witchcraft is powerless against the love Samantha and Darrin have for each other, George returns to his harem.

Guest cast: Christopher George as George, Beverly Adams as D.D. O'Riley, Lauren Gilbert as Porterfield, Sharon DeBord as Miss Thatcher.

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