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"Abner Kadabra"

Written by
Lawrence J. Cohen
Fred Freeman
Directed by
William Asher

Airdate: April 15, 1965

Gladys Kravitz catches Samantha twitching her nose to rearrange pictures on a wall. To keep Gladys from spreading the news, Samantha convinces her that she has extrasensory perception. Gladys starts using her supposed powers on Abner. Everything goes wrong, especially when she tries to make the rain stop. Samantha tells Gladys that supernatural powers can come and go and that Gladys' have probably gone forever. Later, when Gladys makes a scene in a supermarket, claiming the place is in grave danger, Samantha proposes a seance, hoping to scare the daylights out of Gladys. During the seance, Samantha produces an apparition which looks like a relative of Gladys' and Abner becomes frightened. Gladys tells her husband to "dry up" and Samantha changes him into a pile of ashes. When Samantha directs Gladys to swear off magic forever to get Abner back, she does so. Later, Gladys gets the same idea as Abner about going to a movie, and feels that possibly she still has the "power".

Guest cast: None.

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