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"Open the Door, Witchcraft"

Written by
Roland Wolpert

Directed by
William Asher

Airdate: April 8, 1965

Inspired by a demonstration of an electric garage door, Samantha opens her garage by twitching her nose. Plagued by Gladys about this, Abner questions Darrin. To cover up, Darrin foregoes new fishing gear and buys a remote control for the garage. When radio signals from passing planes operate the door at random. Samantha asks Darrin to return the device and use the money for fishing gear. Darrin refuses to believe Samantha and she swears never to use magic again. Later, Samantha and Darrin are trapped when a plane signal locks the garage. While Samantha stands by her vow, refusing Darrin's request to open the door, a plane flies overhead. Darrin and Samantha quarrel when he accuses her of using magic again, but when the door flies open, Gladys and Abner see Samantha and Darrin embracing. Although Darrin is finally convinced, he has trouble explaining matters to the Kravitzes. Abner and Gladys buy a remote control too. While demonstrating it, Gladys plows right through her garage door.

Guest cast: Hal Bokar as Noel, Baynes Barren as Max, Eddie Hanley as the salesman.

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