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"There's No Witch Like an Old Witch"

Written by
Ted Sherdeman
& Jane Klove
Directed by
William Asher

Airdate: Dec. 10, 1964
Originally Sponsored by Quaker Oats

Age has played havoc with Aunt Clara's witchcraft. Unable to fly great distances any longer, she is forced to give up a trip to Miami with the other witches. Samantha invites her to stay at the Stephens' home while they are away. All of Aunt Clara's efforts to help around the house prove disastrous. To cheer her up, Samantha and Darrin take her along for an evening on the town with the Caldwells. However, when the babysitter does not arrive, Aunt Clara insists on substituting. Aunt Clara's magic tricks delight Jimmy Caldwell, age six, so much that other families clamor for her services. However, Agnes Bain complains when she learns that Aunt Clara has told the children she is a witch and they believe her. Aunt Clara receives a court order restraining her from further babysitting until she reports to Judge Virgil Winner for a hearing. Winner is so impressed by Aunt Clara that he asks her to babysit with his son. Aunt Clara's booming business is cut short, however, when the Stephens send her to Florida by train to join her friends.

Guest cast: Reta Shaw [The Ghost and Mrs. Muir] as Bertha, Brian Nash as Jimmy Caldwell, Gilbert Green as Judge Virgil Winner, Karen Norris as Agnes Bain, Peg Shirley as Beatrice Caldwell, Michael Blake as Gary Bain, Vickie Malkin as Louise Bain, Nina Roman as Beulah, Penny Kunard as Shirley.

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