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"Pleasure O'Riley"

Written by
Ken Englund

Directed by
William D. Russell

Airdate: March 18, 1965

Samantha and Gladys Kravitz become aware of their husbands' interest in Priscilla "Pleasure" O'Riley, a beautiful model, when she buys a house next door. Pleasure is hiding from Thor "Thunderbolt" Swenson, an offensive fullback, who has threatened mayhem if he sees her with another man. Darrin becomes involved in Pleasure's affairs after he helps her move in. One night, Pleasure wakes up the Stephens. Telling them that Thunderbolt has learned her new address, she pleads for Darrin's protection. Thunderbolt arrives and Samantha inadvertently gives him the impression that Darrin is Pleasure's new boyfriend. Darrin is saved from Thunderbolt's wrath when Samantha turns him into the image of his grandmother. Then, certain that Abner is the man, Thunderbolt knocks him out and is arrested. Gladys hits the headlines when the newspapers mistakenly single her out as the object of Thunderbolt's jealousy. Pleasure's lawyer gets a court order to keep Thunderbolt away. However, Pleasure accepts Thunderbolt's offer to drive her to the mayor's office where she is to pose as "Miss Urban Renewal."

Guest cast: Kipp Hamilton as Pleasure O'Riley, Ken Scott as Thor Swenson, William Woodson as the police sergeant, Norman Burton as the moving man.

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