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"Which Witch is Witch?"

Written by
Earl Barret

Directed by
William D. Russell

Airdate: March 11, 1965

Samantha tells Endora she doesn't have time for a dress fitting. Endora solves Samantha's problem by transforming herself into En-Sam, identical to Samantha. Bob Frazer, an author, falls for En-Sam and they do the town together. Meanwhile, Darrin tells Samantha to expect a visit from his friend, Bob Frazer. Gladys Kravitz, who has seen En-Sam with Bob, is sure the Stephens' home is about to breakup. After Bob sees Samantha and mistakes her for En-Sam, Samantha explains to Endora the trouble she is causing. Endora is convinced when she learns Bob is expected at the Stephens' home. All of En-Sam's efforts to break with Bob fail. Bob is determined to have a showdown with Darrin over Samantha. Samantha tells Darrin that Bob has fallen in love with Endora. Endora, still En-Sam, arrives and Bob thinks En-Sam and Samantha are identical twins. Although Endora promises to give Bob up, Samantha, knowing her mother, is not sure what she will do.

Guest cast: Ron Randell as Bob Frazer, Monty Margetts as the saleswoman, Donald Foster as the elderly gentleman.

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