"Eye of the Beholder"

Written by
Herman Groves

Directed by
William Asher

Feb. 25, 1965

Endora, hoping to break up her daughter's marriage, superimposes Samantha's face on a print entitled Maid of Salem. The print is dated 1690. Darrin buys the print and then begins to worry about the difference between Samantha's age and his own. With Endora planting seeds of doubt at every turn, Darrin visualizes himself as a doddering old man, while Samantha retains her youthful appearance. Everyone, including Larry Tate, and the doctor from whom Darrin seeks advice, fails to realize what is troubling him. Then in a nearby park, Darrin overhears two squirrels, to whom Endora has given voice, talk about their differences in age. Endora finally admits to Samantha that she can age along with Darrin. Samantha, after telling Darrin she never posed for the picture, tells him that her mother is to blame for their problem. She assure him that they will grow old together, but being in love, will never note the difference. As insurance, Samantha use witchcraft to make the Maid of Salem disappear.

Guest cast: Peter Brocco as Mr. Bodkin,Gene Blakely as Dave, Mark Tapscott as Officer Kern, Paul Barselow as the bartender, Lindsay Workman as the doctor, Carter DeHaven as Henry, Georgia Schmidt as Agatha, Stephen Whittaker as Eddy, Cindy Eilbacher as Kimmie, Sharon DeBord as Miss Blanding.

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