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"Ling Ling"

Written by
Jerry Davis

Directed by
David McDearmon

Airdate: Feb. 11 , 1965

Darrin's agency is unable to find a model for the "Jewel of the East" campaign. Darrin hopes they'll be able to do so, if only to bolster the confidence of Wally Ames, who is substituting for the company's top photographer. Samantha transforms the Stephens' cat into abeautiful Oriental girl named Ling Ling. Everyone flips over her and the campaign is wrapped up. Darrin invites Larry and Louise Tate and Wally to a victory celebration at his home. Wally, intrigued by Ling Ling's feline grace, brings her along. Samantha's efforts to make Ling Ling give up Wally do not work. To avoid a catastrophe, Samantha is forced to tell Darrin and asks him to warn Wally off, but Wally only becomes angry with Darrin. Samantha spikes Ling Ling's drink with truth serum (cat nip). Wally bows out when Ling Ling displays her true cat nature. Later, Gladys Kravitz calls her husband when she sees Ling Ling, clad in a mink coat, lapping milk from a saucer. By the time Abner gets to the window, Samantha has returned Ling Ling to her that original state, and Abner gives his wife a spoonful of her nerve medicine.

Guest cast: Greta Chi as Ling Ling, Jeremy Slate as Walter Ames.

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