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"A Nice Little Dinner Party"

Written by
Roland Wolpert

Directed by
William Asher

Airdate: Jan. 28, 1965

After Endora promises to curb her witchery for the evening, Samantha arranges a dinner for Darrin's parents and her mother to meet. Darrin is fearful of the results. Father Stephens has just retired and feels lost and insecure. Endora, being utterly charming (as she has promised Samantha), plays up to Father. Father once more feels life is worth living, but Mother Stephens becomes jealous. Before Mother is through, she is sure Endora wants to take Father from her. She asks Darrin for the name of a divorce lawyer. Darrin and Samantha work feverishly to save the marriage. Despite their efforts, Mother takes a train to Arizona and Father boards a plane on the first step of a world trip. Samantha asks Endora's help. Using her witchcraft, Endora brings both plane and train to Angel Falls, where Father had proposed to Mother years before. In the romantic setting, both realize they are much younger than they thought.

Guest cast: Lindsay Workman as the conductor, David Garner as the captain, Hap Holmwood as the co-pilot.

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