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"The Cat's Meow"

Written by
Richard & Mary Sale
Directed by
E. David McDearmon

Airdate: Jan. 21, 1965

After arranging to meet Samantha to celebrate their six month's anniversary, Darrin arrives at his office to meet Margaret Marshall, chairman of the board of a cosmetic firm. Margaret, a stunning woman in her late thirties, successful both with men and in business, insists that Danin fly to Chicago that night to complete the quarter million dollar campaign he had planned for her company. Fum- bling out of the anniversary arrangements with Samantha, Darrin flies to Chicago, and meets Margaret, who has become quite interested in him, aboard her yacht. There, Darrin sees a cat, and feels it may be Samantha, egged on by her mother, Endora, to fly toChicago to check on his activities. While Darrin evades Margaret's advances, a pelican arrives on the scene. Although both Margaret and Capt. Kelly feel there is something strange in Darrin s reactions to the animals, Margaret, realizing Darrin is truly in love with his wife, accepts his advertising campaign. Greeted by Samantha at home, Darrin is reassured that the cat he has brought with him is not his wife. However, when the pelican arrives, Darrin is uncertain whether it might not be Endora.

Guest cast: Martha Hyer as Margaret Marshall, George Ives as Capt. Kelly, Clarence Lung as Kujo, Harry Holcombe as Charlie Godfrey.

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