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"Just One Happy Family"

Written by
Fred Freeman
Lawrence J. Cohen
Directed by
William Asher

Airdate: Nov. 19, 1964
Originally Sponsored by Chevrolet

Endora tells Samantha that Maurice (Maurice Evans), her father, is coming to visit. Endora warns Samantha that Maurice will be furious when he learns his daughter has married a mortal. Samantha, determined to stand up to her father, gets Darrin to stay in town on the night Maurice calls. Samantha tells Maurice that her husband is in Washington. The conversation about Darrin proceeds nicely until Maurice surmises Darrin is a mortal. Meanwhile, Danin, who has been drinking with Larry Tate, phones Samantha and tells her he is coming home. When Darrin arrives, Maurice's fury hits its peak. Although Maurice admires Darrin's courage in facing up to him, he makes him disappear. Samantha, expressing her love for Darrin, pleads with Maurice to bring him back. Even Endora joins in Samantha's pleas. Although he tells them it will be extremely difficult, Maurice makes Darrin reappear. Before leaving, Maurice joins his family in a champagne toast. Impressed by the rare vintage, Maurice feels Darrin might be one of them after all.

Guest cast: Thomas Anthony as the first customer, Charlie Dugdale as the second customer.

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