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"The Witches Are Out"

Written by
Bernard Slade

Directed by
William Asher

Airdate: Oct. 29, 1964

Samantha, her friends, Bertha and Mary, and her Aunt Clara, all witches, decide to change the popular conception of witches into a more flattering image. Their opportunity arises when Darrin, an ad man, is assigned to devise a trademark for a new type of Halloween candy. Mr. Brinkman, the promoter of the candy, wants the trademark to show a traditional witch. Darrin at first agrees, but when he sees how upset Samantha becomes, he decides to present a beautiful witch. Mr. Brinkman objects, but Darrin refuses to yield. Consequently, he is fired. The witches decide to practice some of their pranks on Mr. Brinkman. As a topper, they transform him into an ugly old witch. Mr. Brinkman finally admits that his idea of witches is wrong. He agrees to use a glamourous witch for his trademark. Samantha wins her point, and Darrin wins back his job.

Guest cast: Shelley Berman as Brinkman, Madge Blake as Mary, Reta Shaw [The Ghost and Mrs. Muir] as Bertha, Jacques Roux as the French Legionnaire.

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